Project status

  • Nigel Horne

    Nigel Horne - 2006-09-14

    Is this now dead?

    The site
    has disappeared.

    • Dan Nelson

      Dan Nelson - 2006-10-17

      He had announced a while back that that site was going away at the end of 2005, and SourceForge was the new "official" site.  Here's a reference I found:

      A 4.1.* release (or even 4.2.* since it seems to be nearing stability) would be nice..

    • William Bader

      William Bader - 2007-08-23

      I have patches for gcc-3.4.6 and gcc-4.0.4 at
      gcc-4.1 changed the C parser from an autoconfigured bison script to hand-written C code, so it would take quite a bit of work to update the bounds checking patches.  If anyone is willing to work on the parser, I have patches against gcc-4.1.2 for all of the other files.


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