possible junit problems

  • William Surowiec


    I am receiving:

    java.io.IOException: Truncated string (should be 185 characters): "... string deleted by me ..."

    while performing line 122 in JUTestBork

          // simple check that a CRC error was detected
          assertTrue ("Failed to detect CRC error",
                      ex.getMessage ().indexOf ("CRC") != -1);

    in the testIncorrectPassword method.

    I also receive

    junit.framework.AssertionFailedError: expected:<tst\org\matthew\bork\test_data.txt> but was:<E:\bork-1.4\tst\org\matthew\bork\test_data.txt>

    in the testDecryptReferenceSample method


    • William Surowiec

      well, I manually cleaned out a "bork" file and the input that probably created it from my "temp" directory. That "fixed" the first problem "java.io.IOException: Truncated string" I reported above. I can only assume earlier executions did not end properly. This one did and removed all files it seemed to create.

      I am still receiving the second error - software looking for a relative path, comparing it to full path.


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