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Borg Server (MMORPG framework) News

* During the last few weeks we have almost no changes in the Borg trunk although a lot of development efforts are invested in a MMORPG game client. This is a good indicator that the framework is stable and you should expect an official release again.
* Mages & Mercenaries, our Borg based demo MMORPG is progressing fine although we spent a lot of time updating or adding features to the TXna Game Engine. We are working hard on a new geomipmap like terrain system and just recently added a FmodEx based Sound Engine.
* The Mages & Mercenaries project is in need for any kind of art, sound, 3D modeling and animation contributors!... read more

Posted by Enriko Riba 2010-09-14

Borg Project Forum Created

Hi all,
We created a new forum for the Borg Project. This is the 2nd best place in universe for asking Borg related questions or just hanging around - the 1st best place is the Delta quadrant of course.
Visit us at:

The Borg Project is MORPG framework completely written in c#. It runs on Windows and Linux with MS SQL or MySQL as a DB backend.

Posted by Enriko Riba 2009-12-20

New Borg DB Scripts and Login Server Released

Today we released the new version of the Borg Login Server and a set of scripts for the Login DB and the World Server DB. The scripts are MS SQL Server only but in the next few days we will release the scripts for MySQL.

The World Server and framework libraries can be downloaded at:

For more information visit us at:

Posted by Enriko Riba 2009-12-17