BORG 1.7.9 Released

BORG 1.7.9 contains many small bugs fixes and a few minor enhancements. Thanks to all of the students that contributed bug reports and fixes.



174 File Chooser does not remember previously accessed directory and open up that

168 Address book "Street Address" field too short

98 Selecting the time for appointments in the day/?week view

50 Address Book accepts invalid email and phone formats

Make popup reminder color tunable (post-it view only)

Add ability to drop ical file onto borg (ICAL plugin)

Bug Fixes:


186 Double-clicking in day view times column results in irreversible graphical glitch

184 Startup View option not working

183 Category with empty string as name can be created

172 Copy and Paste allows us to violate recurrence rules

171 An encrypted appointment should be labeled in the link dialog

170 Empty URL behavior in Address Book

167 Exporting xml prefs overwrites existing file without confirmation

166 Linking an address to itself results in a double link

164 The application accept empty or a white space character as URL Link.

163 For BORG Link, the adding and deleting BORG Link behavior are inconsistent.

162 If we input an empty string as the URL link, and open this URL from Links section, the application incorrectly opens an OS window let us to select file.

161 When an appointment "apt2" link itself as the BORG link, the BORG Links Appointment[apt2] are shown twice in the Links section.

160 A private appointment can be select as "BORG" link, and also can be edit in "BORG" link.

158 Invalid priority in xml import accepted

157 Import of an appt with an incorrect date causes null pointer

156 AddressBook allows duplicate entries

153 Export should not be enabled for encrypted Memos

152 No feedback for the "Print" function from task view

149 Repeating instances are calculated incorrectly for “month(day)” repeat type

148 Appointment become invisible when start date is after the repeat until date

147 Deleting an opened Task leaves the opened tab, but removes it from the TaskList

146 Move repeating appointment by dragging failed after the first occurrence got deleted

142 Space character (" ") accepted as text for appointments

141 CheckList should not allow deleting all items in a list

139 Re-naming an existing Memo to more than 50 characters deletes the Memo

138 Re-naming an existing Checklist to more than 50 characters deletes the checklist

134 Search features fails on specific date search (not inclusive)

131 End Date can be before Start date in Search Feature

129 Notify User When They Have No Categories To Delete

124 appointment created on a leapyear (Feb 29) stops recurring on the next leapyear

61 Menu graphical glitch

Fix popup text for untimed items (post-it view)

Posted by Mike Berger 2013-07-17

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