BORG 1.6.1 Beta 2 Released

The major changes in this release are:

1.6.1 Beta 2

  • You can drag appointments around the month view
  • You can drag appointments to the non-timed sections of the day and week views
  • Projects can have sub-projects
  • You can set an option to have BORG backup your data as XML upon shutdown. This is off by default
  • Major and Minor bug fixes, including fixes for day and week printing and user colors

1.6.1 Beta

  • New simpler, cleaner Month View where each appointment is clickable. The new view is the default, but there is an option to go back to the old month view.
  • New Docked Windows - almost all windows will now default to being docked as tabs. Tabs now can be deleted and undocked. This feature can be turned off if you prefer having multiple windows instead of tabs.
  • New toolbar for easy access to the different views
  • New Project Tree for easier navigation of projects and tasks

See the change log for other changes and bug fixes.

There are database changes in this release. HSQLDB databases will transition automatically.

MySQL databases need to be updated with the following SQL:

alter table memos add private integer default '0' NOT NULL;
alter table projects add parent integer default NULL;
alter table projects add FOREIGN KEY (parent, username) REFERENCES projects ( id, username ) ON DELETE CASCADE;


In order to get reporting functionality, the reports libraries must be downloaded separately.

Posted by Mike Berger 2007-12-05

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