Boot Info Script 0.60

Boot Info Script 0.60 is released:

  • New maintainer: Gert Hulselmans.
  • boot_info_script is now released under the MIT license.
  • Add this CHANGELOG file.
  • Source code changes are now tracked in git:;a=summary
  • Big source code reformatting and cleanup of the code and comments.
  • The output file can now be specified by adding the filename as argument:
    bash ./ <outputfile>
  • Display help when invoked with the -h, -help or --help switch.
  • Gzip the output file when invoked with the -g or --gzip switch.
    This option will make 2 files: an uncompressed and gzip compressed file.
  • Warn the user if multiple files are found in the same
    directory (file downloaded multiple times with Firefox, Chromium,... ): boot_info_script(0).sh boot_info_script(1).sh
  • Add a lot of GUIDs to the GPT Partition type list.
  • Grub support code is rewritten and now handled by one function.
  • Add Grub2 v1.99 support.
  • Display the embedded Grub2/burg config file.
  • Syslinux support added:
    • Check if Syslinux can find its second stage.
    • Display the version number.
    • Display the Syslinux directory in which Syslinux will look first for
      its config file.
    • Display content of Syslinux config file.
    • Display the ADV.
    • List all COM32(R) module files and display the major version number.
  • Support mount paths with spaces.
  • Support more than 26 drives.
  • Add detection for the following MBRs:
    • Different Syslinux MBRs and versions (standard, GPT and ISOhybrid)
    • Diskcryptor
    • FreeDOS
    • SUSE generic MBR
    • Grub4dos
    • WEE
    • XOSL
  • Add detection for grub4dos installed in the PBR.
  • Add detection for FreeDOS PBR code.
  • List additional boot files when found:
    • SYSLINUX/EXTLINUX: ldlinux.sys and extlinux.sys
    • Grub4dos: grldr and grldr.bin
    • burg (Grub2 based): /burg/core.img and /boot/burg/core.img
    • Grub2: added /boot/grub2/core.img as alternative location
    • FreeDOS: kernel.sys
    • DellDiagnostics: dellbio.bin and dellrmk.bin
    • ReactOS: freeldr.sys qnd freeldr.ini
  • Display offset of file on a disk in GB and GiB for Grub(2) and Syslinux.
  • Display embedded config file for Grub4dos/WEE.
  • Add ReactOS support.
  • Most lines in the output file are now 80 characters or less.
  • Prefer gawk above nawk and busybox awk (workaround for bugs in nawk).
Posted by Gert Hulselmans 2011-05-17

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