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DistrOS /boot/horn ready for download

No ISO yet, instead I rewrote and simplified distros app and it is easily installed on almost any current distro now in the /boot/horn dierctory if it is on a separate partition. Alternatively you can use a usb key to install it build a custom multiboot usb key.

The tarball and install instructions are at https://sourceforge.net/projects/boothorn/files/

Posted by grimaldo 2011-03-30

Custom grub2

The grub2 included here has patches that fix some problems and add some features. These changes might especially interest anyone that uses a busybox based system with a loopback root filesystem such as slitaz (http://slitaz.org) or tinycorp, or who wants to use grub when running from a live ISO.

Mods and benefits:

workaround to allow grub-mkconfig to work on systems that have root on a loop device and still find the root of an installed OS... read more

Posted by grimaldo 2011-03-28

What is /boot/horn

You know when you go to the cobbler to buy a new pair of boots, when you forst try to stick your foot in it's a bit of a strggle. "here" says the shoe salesman, "here's a boot horn". Using the boot horn your new boots slide right on. "Wow", you exclaim, "these are great boots". Forgetting all about that ever-so-useful boot horn the shoeman gave you to keep in just a couple of days.

That is kind of what /boot/horn is for your computer. It is especially for people that like multibooting for whatever reason. Whand a swis army usb key? Build a custom one with DistrOS /boot/horn. Want a rescue ISO image on your boot menu just in case, np, DistrOS and 2 minutes of download. Custom Forensics? Multiboot persistent ISO's fron hdd. check.... read more

Posted by grimaldo 2011-03-28

ISO installer

I have removed the prealpha1 and prealpha2 ISO images and will be releasing prealpha3 tomorrow. However it will be the last release of this series, even if I use it for the alpha. By alpha2 there will be a new ISO built with all the goodies we need.

Once the /boot/horn is installed, you can run it from most linux distros, including most if not all of the live cd distros that are in the Distros Meta4s collection.... read more

Posted by grimaldo 2011-03-27

What is the DistrOS Multiboot System?

The DistrOS Multiboot System is a suite of projects which are used together to create multiboot installations on usb keys, hard drives, and of virtual machines. The projects which comprise the DistrOS Multiboot suite at this time are:

DistrOS Meta4s, the equivalent of the DistrOS repository. http://meta4s.sf.net

DistrOS /boot/horn, the "portable" version of DistrOS that can be installed and used with most linux distros. This version formerly had ISO images based on TinyCore Linux, but basically installs in /boot/horn and has no specific OS requirement. However, I found TinyCore lacking in some crucial respects and decided it would be easier to build my own ISO than to work with the Tiny Core team to resolve the deficiencies. The ISO Images currently on this project will be removed soon, as they are basically useless at this point anyway based on changes made for the alpha release coming up. http://boothorn.sf.net... read more

Posted by grimaldo 2011-03-27