robinliouhu - 2014-03-02

i want to expose some of my c++ moudle to python use py++ which used boost library.
i try to wraper shared_ptr.hpp (boost) for python(use gccxml to parse the file),i got some problem and cannot through it .tanks for you help

os:win7 64
tools:gccxml 0.9.0 (called by pyplusplus 1.0)
boost 1.4.8


1.【the error message is 】
utility.hpp:21:21 errror: D:boost_1_48_0/boost/utility:permission denied.

there have a similar problem which i found in internet

Is Compiler mismatch between header and directory if they have same name.

2.【the error message is 】
gcc-xml:xml_find_template_parm encountered unsupported type identifier_node
i cant find the switch case of identifier_node in xml:xml_find_template_parm func.

there alse have a similar problem in internet ... _id=102568

thanks for any help (advice resourse web-link)

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