Boost Pool experience requested. Is it useful as allocator with preallocation?

  • Steffen

    Steffen - 2014-03-23

    Recently i have been looking for a pool/allocator mechanism. Boost Pool seems to provide the solution, but there is still things, which it have not been able to deduce from the documentation.

    What need to be allocated

    -Several small classes (~30 chars)
    -std::map (i want to ensure it do not perform dynamic allocator by itself)
    -allocation within pugi::xml

    How to control of address space for allocation (or just amount)

    The object_pool seem the to provide a good way for allocating need 1)
    However it would like to set a fixed size for the allocator to use. By default it grabs memory be itself. If possible i would like to give it the address space it can play within.

    char * mem_for_class[1024*1024];
    boost::object_pool <my_class,mem_for_class > q;

    const int max_no_objs=1024;
    boost::object_pool <my_class,max_no_objs > q;

    Although the UserAllocator is available in Boost::Pool; it seem to defeat the point. I am afraid the control needed would make it too inefficient... and it would be better to start from scratch.
    It it possible to set a fixed area for pool_allocator ?

    The question is a bit similar to the first. Do boost pool provide any way of limiting how much / where there is allocated memory when giving boost::pool_allocator to a std-type-class (e.g. map)

    My scenario

    Embedded linux programming. The system must keep running for..ever. So we can not risk any memory segmentation. Currently i mostly either static allocation (stack), but also a few raw "new"s. I would like an allocation scheme that ensure i use the same memory area each time the program loops. Speed /space is important, but safety is still top priority.

    I hope this forum is the place to ask. I tried contacting the author of Boost::Pool "Stephen" without luck. StackOverflow gave no replies either.
    I have not found other Boost-specific forums.

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  • Steffen

    Steffen - 2014-04-20

    There has been given a fine answer at StackOverflow... although not really using boost::pool.


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