Naveed - 2004-10-27


I've shared a drive and give full rights to the current user (Administrator). Its the only user which got the rights on the shared drive. When I use this function of boost library :


I got exception : Access Denied. 

And when I add "Everyone" user with "Read" rights to the shared drive its working fine.

With "Read" rights above functions works fine but whenever I tried to create a new file using same UNC path as parameter in Win32 API : 
::CreateFile( m_FileName, 0, 0, 0, CREATE_NEW, 0, 0 );

I also got the same error Access Denied. 

To resolve this, I have to give user "Everyone" full rights to the shared drive, which is the least thing I want to do. 

This doesn't happen when I don't use BOOST library. Win32 API is creating files successfuly on the network drive without involving "Everyone" user in the shared group.

Beman Dawes, kindy help me in this issue. As I dont want to give any sort of rights on any other user on Domain to access that drive except the current administrator of the system.

Looking for your quick response.

Thanks in advance

Naveed Ahmed Siddiqui
Islamabad, Pakistan