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Firefox 3 is out. Firefox extension needs updating.

Now that Firefox 3 has hit the streets I have been able to test Bookmark Holder's Firefox extension properly.

There are several changes needed to make the extension work correctly under Firefox 3 so I need to get the XUL developer hat back on.

I will post an update to the Bookmark Holder system when it becomes available.


Posted by 3dkiwi 2008-06-21

Minor Changes made in v0.3.5

Some minor changes to the interface and a bug fixed where some links were broken between pages.


Posted by 3dkiwi 2007-09-03

New Release of Bookmark Holder

Version 0.3.4 of the Bookmark Holder has been released. This version introduces an improved installation script which makes a more intelligent interrogation of the Apache configuration files. This means the Bookmark Holder can now be installed on different Linux distributions.

Also new to this release is a statistics page giving some stats on the Bookmark Holder database.

See the INSTALL and UPGRADE files in the tarball for specific instructions.... read more

Posted by 3dkiwi 2007-08-05

0.3.3 Released

This version does not introduce any code changes.
So if you already have Bookmark Holder installed there is no reason to upgrade at this point.

I have introduced a new installation script that should automate the installation of the Bookmark Holder system.

Please provide feedback on any issues discovered with this installation script as I have limited testing facilities to make sure the script works for all implementations of Apache, Perl etc.... read more

Posted by 3dkiwi 2007-06-08

New installation script added to CVS

Have got a working Bash script for the installation of the Bookmark Holder. This script reads variables from a separate configuration file to keep the variables in one place.

The script also attempts to read the configuration files for the Apache server and fills in needed configuration from this. This feature needs some testing on different versions of the apache server to make sure it accounts for different formats.... read more

Posted by 3dkiwi 2007-06-03

New version 0.3.2 released

This version addresses some of the bugs discovered and feature requests posted on the Sourceforge page.

The Firefox extension now has a checkbox to allow a choice over saving the thumbnail or not.

Included is are brief instructions on what should be required to upgrade.


Posted by 3dkiwi 2007-05-31

Version 0.3.1 released

Version 0.3.1 has just been posted to the download area.

This release makes minor changes to comments and installation documentation. No code changes.

It also now includes the missing Kommander script files as mentioned in the previous Whoops news item.


Posted by 3dkiwi 2007-05-27

Whoops - Kommander missing script files

Discovered 2 missing files from the Kommander script directory. To get the Kommander script working correctly download the prefs.kmdr and the bmh-frontend.js files from the kq-kommander directory on the CVS repository and place them into same directory as the bmh-frontend.kmdr script.

Still getting to grips with the CVS on SourceForge, that is my excuse and I am sticking to it :)


Posted by 3dkiwi 2007-05-26

Source code posted to CVS

The source code for Bookmark Holder has been posted to the CVS. Check out:

Have made some minor modifications to some comments and other documentation will commit these in the near future.


Posted by 3dkiwi 2007-05-25

First files released

The first public release of the Bookmark Holder system is available for download. See the README file for further details.

I will update the CVS repository once I have had a bit more practice. :-)

Please feel free to report any problems


Posted by 3dkiwi 2007-05-24

Project Accepted by

The Bookmark Holder project has just been accepted by so have to buckle down and get the web page up and running. Keep an eye open over the next few days as more information is posted.


Posted by 3dkiwi 2007-05-23