#1 configure error on Linux


Hi Ken:

This is a great service to the OSS community. WIth all
the browsers(Opera, mozilla/netscape, Galeon, IE,
dillo, etc...), management of bookmarks is a nightmare
across platforms.

I had some trouble with configure that required digging
around a little so I am suggesting a change to the
documentation. It would be nice if you could fix the
configure script too, if you have the time. (sorry, no
patch for that -apparently the test for kde_qtver is
not working as well as expected...)

I have qt3 installed(E.G., both /usr/lib/qt3/lib &
/usr/lib/qt3/include exist). Seems like the configure
script does a lot of checking for .../qt2/... but none
for .../qt3/... . That's a little odd since QT v.3 has
been out for quite a long time.

Here, the path to the std qt libs is set:

BUT it appears that compiling bookmarkbridge also
_requires_ the qt -devel package >= 2.2.2 .

QT_VERSION is, of course, not set normally as there is
no reason to have it(unless there is development or
compilation of QT being done).

SO, for compilation, please mention the following or
something like it:
The HEADER files for QT are REQUIRED to compile
bookmarkbridge. Configure has options to set the QT
dir, libs and includes locations by using
--with-qt-dir=DIR (where the root of Qt is
--with-qt-includes=DIR (where the Qt includes are
--with-qt-libraries=DIR (where the Qt library is
A typical line might be:
#> ./configure --with-qt-dir=/usr/lib/qt3 --enable-mt

Use ./configure --help to get all the options.

I believe the best place for the above is just below
the following text in the "INSTALL" file:

::::::::::::BookmarkBridge Compilation Notes::::::::::::

BookmarkBridge uses the standard GNU build system. The
quickest way
to get started is to run the three standard commands:

$> ./configure
$> make
$> make install


In addition to the above, you may also want to mention:
The "checkinstall" program can auto-build a RPM and
install it by using "checkinstall" instead of "make
For people using RPM distros, building/installing an
RPM is very important.

/usr/lib/qt3/bin has the moc
/usr/lib/qt3/lib has the libs
/usr/lib/qt3/include has the headers

#> ./moc -v
Qt Meta Object Compiler version 19 (Qt 3.0.5)

There were quite a few:

htmlParseEntityRef: expecting ';'
htmlParseEntityRef: no name

outputs from the command line when BookMarkBridge read
the bookmarks but it did not seem to stop it from

Other than that, it seems to work okay!
Thanks for doing this program. I was about to embark
on the adventure myself...
(Now, I need to manage the duplicates, the old and the
dead marks as the file it created is 2.3MB !)

Have A Great Day!


  • Ken Schenke

    Ken Schenke - 2003-08-31

    Logged In: YES

    Thanks for your positive comments about BookmarkBridge.
    Like most OSS projects, I started BookmarkBridge to scratch
    a personal itch. I love downloading and trying out new
    browsers and got sick of trying to keep all of them in sync.
    All of them seem to be able to import from IE but they
    won't keep them up to date over time. I actually found ONE
    commercial alternative to BookmarkBridge but it appeared to
    be very stale and bragged of being able to support Netscape
    4.7 and Opera 4 (or something like that). It looked like it
    was last updated around 1999.

    But I digress... I'll be honest, the configure script was
    originally built by KDevelop. I've made many changes to the
    build system but it's always a headache. I've come to the
    conclusion that one needs to be under the influence of mind
    altering substances to understand and/or appreciate the GNU
    auto build system.

    I'll try to fix the detection of Qt versions.
    BookmarkBridge was designed to work with Qt2 or 3, since the
    Windows version is still at 2.3.

    The htmlParseEntityRef warnings are from libxml. It's upset
    about ampersands it's finding in URLs in Mozilla. Konqueror
    correctly encodes them to & when it saves them in its
    bookmark file but Mozilla leaves them un-escaped. Since
    HTML parsing rules are pretty lax, it's legal but libxml
    wants to wine about it. The warnings are completely safe to
    ignore. I should make a FAQ or something for the web site.

  • neognomic

    neognomic - 2003-09-22

    Logged In: YES

    Hey Ken:

    I'm laughing :-) : the GNU make/automake/libtool stuff
    drives me insane. I know that everybody (GNU) accepts and
    uses it but I, too, get headaches with it. I have tried
    kdevelop, X/emacs, IDEs and other ways to make it less
    painless but all that was accomplished was to subjugate
    myself to AYA "lesson" for whatever program was being used.
    I like man but I *hate* info and all the make/etc docs
    are info docs. Fortunately, I have not had any projects
    that were complicated enough to really need it so I have
    postponed the lessons.
    IOW, I am very glad you have the talent and perseverance
    to get make, etc... working satisfactorily.

    As for me, I hate downloading and trying out new browsers. :)
    Unfortunately the state of browserdom has been terrible so I
    have been forced into using them all(well, most) and in the
    process created a bookmark here or a favorite there... and
    it seemed that everytime I wanted to get to a specific site,
    the bookmark for it was in the _other_ browser. :(
    I did a lot of stuff just to make multi-booting MS Windows
    with IE work and, Oh, the horror of the "bookmark managers"
    in MS Windows... Once I switched mostly to linux, the mgmnt
    got worse - much worse.
    I confess that I have not used BB much; when I saw the file
    size and realized that there are probably a MB's worth of
    dead links to be cleaned up, I postponed the work a bit.
    Also, the phoenix (mozilla) bookmarks had been corrupted (by
    phoenix) so there was a lot(like 20,000) separators that had
    to be deleted and... so forth ...

    Well, I'll get and try 0.7 in a few days and see if I can
    make any progress. The changes you made look really nice.

    Thanks again - keep up the good work!


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