Error when merging (delete error)

  • Maagen

    Maagen - 2006-12-29


    When I'm trying to merge from Firefox to IE 7.0 I get the folowing error:

    Unable to Delete "C:\documents and Settings\...\Foldername"

    The Error occured on line 611 of iexplore.cpp

    Is it me that's doing something wrong, or is this a bug? I have tried to change the merge settings...


    • Ken Schenke

      Ken Schenke - 2007-01-09

      This usually happens when there is a funny character in a bookmark title from Firefox since the bookmark titles become the filenames in Internet Explorer for favorites.

    • Phonemes

      Phonemes - 2007-02-24


      Well, I'm getting the same error, also in line 611, whenever I try to synchronize a deleted folder. In my case it happens when I am merging between Opera and IE, having deleted the folder in Opera. There are no funny characters present as far as I can see. BMB only refuses to delete the folder. The bookmarks contained in the folder appear to be deleted, but the folder isn't.


    • FL_Guy

      FL_Guy - 2007-05-13

      Yep, same problem. This program used to work great, and was very useful.  However it appears that Firefox may (currently) be routinely putting characters in the bookmark name which cannot be used as (as is) file names.

      Unfortunately, this seems to pretty much render BookmarkBridge unusable as it is.



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