BookmarkBridge 0.76 problem under Win32

  • sourcer41

    sourcer41 - 2006-12-31


    I' trying to run BookmarkBridge 0.76 under Win32 and I have similar problems on both WinME and WinXP.

    When I try to "merge" I get the same error on both machines - line 534 in iexplore.cpp.

    The lines it complains about seem to contain characters which are not allowed in filenames, but are legal in bookmark names. In one case they seem to be Japanese characters, in another - from what I can guess at from the start of the file names it complains about -  contains some ??

    I have looked at trying to compile it under Windows to trouble shoot, but have been scared off so far by the requirements to install Qt 2.?? which does not seem to be available from Trolltech any longer.

    If I could use a later version of Qt, I might be interested in trying to compile it under windows so it will work.

    TIA, for what looks like a useful program, if I can make it work.


    PS: I suppose I could go through all of my bookmarks and 'clean them up', but that looks like quite a job and I'd only want to do that as a last resort, once I know the program will do what I need ;-)

    • Ken Schenke

      Ken Schenke - 2007-01-09

      The information regarding the Qt 2.x requirement is outdated.  BookmarkBridge 0.76 was written and compiled using Qt 4.x.  It's not easy compiling BookmarkBridge on Windows, as it has several dependencies such as libxml2.

    • meilon

      meilon - 2007-12-29

      I would like to use BookmarkBridge to copy my Firefox Bookmarks to IE Bookmarks, but I get the same error sourcer41 gets: Unable to open file for writing - Error in line 534 of iexplore.cpp

      When will be a update with this error fixed available?


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