Synch between Firefox doesn't work

  • Mike

    Mike - 2006-08-24

    Hi ;-)

    I was very happy to find your program; thanks for all your efforts ;-)

    Unfortunately, it doesn't work or I'm doing something wrong here. Could you please help me out?

    Thanks in advance for your time and attention ;-),

    Kind regards,


    Two bookmarks.html {A and B, both containing thousands of bookmarks, size of both htmls around 2,2 MB)

    Fresh install of Firefox. Firefox bookmarks of that profile completely empty.

    Setup of Bookmark bridge:
    Added the two big bookmark files to BB via settings.
    Then per your instruction in another post added them as sources.
    Put the fresh (empty) FF Bookmark as destination (via the default user profile this was taken by BB itself).

    Press Merge:
    Merge is finished in around 1 second (I have a fast CPU, that's true, but only 1 second?).

    Not all folders and links from the two originating sources have been added in the new bookmarks.html file. The size of this new one is only 148 kb, where I would have expected it to be around 2 MB also.

    Other "strange" findings:
    When you select one of the sources, and press "View", it already doesn't show all the bookmarks contained therein.
    On adding A and B it says that they are read only and if I want to keep it that way, although they aren't read only.

    PC: XP Pro SP2, 1 GB RAM, AMD64 X2 processor, FF

    Content of bridgeconfig:

    <bridgecfg version="1.0">
          <bookmarks>C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\Application Data/Mozilla/FireFox/Profiles/a4bctla1.default/bookmarks.html</bookmarks>

    • Ken Schenke

      Ken Schenke - 2006-08-25


      There's a bug that causes bookmarks to get incorrectly flagged as readonly when manually added.  Edit the bridgeconfig file shown above and remove the <readonly/> tag. Be sure BookmarkBridge isn't running at the time.  Delete the bookmarks.xbel file and restart BMB.  Try the merge again.

      Hope this helps.


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