Unable to open bookmark file for writing

  • Michael Squires

    Michael Squires - 2004-06-23

    Error popped up with 'an error occured on line 532 of

    I think this is a reference to your application path as mine is C:\Program Files\bookmarkbridge

    the error also showed 4 lines of bookmarks, I took a screen grab of the error, if you want it i'll send it.

    Meantime good idea needed by me as a mozilla 1.8a1 for preference user, with many ie bookmarks.

    Win XP home - administrator login user.

    • TheRealFreak

      TheRealFreak - 2008-08-20

      Hi Michael,

      you don't clearly described it but I suppose I have the same error here using version 0.76 beta.

      With a german XP installation I tried the following:

      1) Firefox set as read-only source browser
      2) IE (7) set as destination browser favs path set to X:\Documents and Settings\Helmut\Favorites
      3) I wiped out all contents of IE's favorites folder except 'Desktop.ini'
      4) I pressed merge... and got errors!

      The errors looks like this:

      Unable to open bookmark file for writing
      X:\Documents and Settings\Helmut\Favorites/Books/Book of the Day.url

      1) I wonder about the change of backslashes to slashes after the specified path to the favorites
      2) Of course the folder Book is not existing in this case. But IMO iz should be created automatically.

      Hopefully these details helps to fix bookmarkbridge.
      I'm looking forward to use it!!



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