Failed with 3 Mozilla builds

  • Greenknight32

    Greenknight32 - 2006-01-25

    I have Firefox 1.5 and 2 nightly builds: 1.5 Branch and Deer Park 1.6a1 Trunk. I maintain separate Firefox profiles for each, started each with a copy of the same bookmark file. I'm on WinXP, SP2.

    When I installed BB 0.75, it detected only IE. I followed the instructions in the FAQ to manually add the other browsers. Each time I drilled down to the bookmarks.html file in any of the Mozilla builds, I got a popup saying the file was read-only (they weren't, I checked), and asking if I wanted to not save any changes to that file. I first tried saying no, and proceeding. I added all 3 as both Source and Target, when I clicked Merge the program crashed, got the old Windows "encountered a problem and had to close".

    I then tried leaving the build I use most, that has the most bookmarks, in Source only, and the other 2 only in Target. BB then ran, but the target Mozilla builds were left with only 4 kB bookmark files, when they had been about 400-450 kB, and the one in Source was about 500kB. (Not a problem, I just renamed the bookmark.bak files to .html).

    I've tried re-installing BB, re-downloading it and doing a clean install (uninstalled and deleted all files, folders and registry entries). Nothing helps. Any ideas on how to make this work?

    • Greenknight32

      Greenknight32 - 2006-01-25

      I forgot to mention, the IE favorites picked up 4 folders (but 1 was empty) and a few loose bookmarks. I forgot to check the size of it beforehand, but it was 7.3 kB after the merge.

    • Ken Schenke

      Ken Schenke - 2006-01-26

      BMB doesn't know how to handle multiple profiles in Firefox.  That was probably why it didn't find any of them.  If it finds more than one profile directory in %APPDATA\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles it gives up.  Support for multiple profiles is on my to-do list.  That wouldn't explain the rest though.

      Manually adding the bookmark locations should have gotten around the problem with multiple profiles.  BMB has gotten something messed up with those paths.  Could you email BMB's configuration file to me?  It's located in %APPDATA%\BookmarkBridge\bridgeconf.xml.  My addr is kschenke at users dot sourceforge dot net.



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