#6 More SMTP constants needed and suggestions and a question

v1.0 (example)
Gerry Matte

Please add a comment in your Tomcat Installation Instructions to specify that Tomcat 7 is the preferred server. I had several problems trying to use Tomcat 8 and then I saw your January youtube video and heard you mention tomcat 7 ....

Also, it's not hard to create a true webapp rather than destroying the ROOT webapp.

And there are many references on the sourceforge website to the URL www.bookingpad.com
That domain does not respond to browser access via http://

I need to set more mail parameters in order to activate email functionality. In constants.properties, in addition to smtp_host, I need to be able to specify smtp_port, smtp_userid, and smtp_password. The parameter names are unimportant of course .... any names will do ....

My mailserver is configured to require a login with an authorised username and password before a mail session can be used to send mail. This is necessary to prevent unauthorised users from sending spam using our mailserver.

Similarly, our ISP blocks access to port 25 for mail sessions. Mail sessions from outside the ISP local domain must use the standard alternate mail port 587. This is an ISP imposed constraint.

Finally, a question ..... is it possible to book events for more than one resource ? Our local library wants to use bookingpad to enable the public to book access to multiple rooms in multiple branches ......


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