• Vittal

    Vittal - 2009-06-18


    I am software developer working for a small company. I need help in the usage and licensing of phpBooking calendar. I read the LGPL license, but could not understand / get the following point clarified (probably due to the lack of my English knowledge).

    1. Can I use this for a client website we are developing? (ofcourse there will be a lot of cutomizations that happen over and around this code) If so, is it alright to charge the client for the this code? I can communicate the LGPL license to the client.

    2. Once integrated into a clients web site they might not want to distribute the code to others due to security reasons. Is this alright?

    3. How far can I change the original source?

    P.S.: Apologies if this has already been answered. request you to redirect me to the post.


    • Vittal

      Vittal - 2009-06-18

      Yeah, I forgot to mention this is the first time I am planning to use a GPL licensed software.

      Thanks in advance for any help.



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