Translation problem

  • JH

    JH - 2009-04-19

    Hi folks,

    i've been translating this script into Finnish and after running through most of the files, I ran into a problem: where does this thing pull the name of the month used in day_nav_header_widget.php and day_nav_widget.php? They seem not to change after altering calendar_fns.php.

    Just wondering, not a big issue. Anyways, thanks for your help and such a nice script!



    • VIP member

      VIP member - 2009-04-19

      For me the calendar_fns.php was the right place, I think.

    • JH

      JH - 2009-04-19

      Yep, already gone trough calendar_fns.php, the result is shown here:

      Those marked with green rectangulars translated just fine, but the red ones didn't.

    • VIP member

      VIP member - 2009-04-19

      Oops, sorry.

      For that line I simply changed "19 Apr 2009"
      to "2009-04-19"

      $tmp_todays_dates = date("Y-m-d|j M Y|l F j, Y");
      $tmp_todays_dates = date("Y-m-d|Y-m-d|Y-m-d");

      Ok, not so elegant, but that's a way to avoid translations.


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