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  • Jeff Walters

    Jeff Walters - 2005-10-30

    A lot of people have been writing to me about additional features.  Here's a small list that I've started.  Feel free to add requests to this thread.

    1.) Installation Script

    I'm currently worked on finishing up an installation script that will simply the install process.

    2.) Multilingual

    A couple of people have writen about language support for other countries, etc.  If anyone has any experience with this, feel free to write to me and I'll get you onboard this project.

    3.) Administrative Area

    The administrative area is also in the works, but is far from being done.  Tasks include: user administration , booking administration, tracking, etc.  The bookings will also be split into "groups" with several "objects" in each group.

    4.) Template System

    I'm not completely sold on the idea of a template system, but it might be integrated in the future.

    Thanks for all the comments.
    Jeff Walters
    You can reach me at anything @

    • Robert

      Robert - 2006-08-26

      Although this is my first conference room booking script, it works very well, especially for a first beta release.

      I've used high-end versions at previous jobs.  Based on using those, a few additions would be:
      1) link to send email to owner of event and include subject which has the conference room name and event from/to info.  Now, to make it more work, a mailto or webform?
      2) location map with room descriptions (capacity, features, etc.)
      3) hmmm, email which includes event info, room and its features, or a link to the event summary (includes event range, room, features, location and/or map)
      4) (Major release) rewrite the code, add an admin page and add another table for just conference room info so it can easily handle locations with many conference rooms like company's with a 'campus' location (several rooms per building).

      I think at one job, the conf room scheduler was able to integrate with Exchange/Outlook, but it's been years since using it.

      For a small organization with just a handful of conference rooms, this works very well, but I would just enable a mailto link on the event owner's name on the details_view.php page.  Next, I'd add another column in the booking_schedule for the name of the conference room just to customize the script for a specific org.

      Oh, although not used much, but I'd probably throw in a basic reporting tool to show the activity of the rooms by total hours booked, and similar report by user.  Hmmm, and if an additional column is added to the booking_user table by the name of department or organization, a report could be run against the dept.

      Just some feedback.

    • Mona

      Mona - 2007-01-23

      calendar works great, but adding more flexibilty to the booking time interval (like 45 minutes) would be great or even giving the admin the ability to costumize the booking times on a daily basis.


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