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BooGame 3

Because BooGame has been languishing for a period of time, and my projects are one of the heavier users of the library, I'm starting to integrate/refactor the code using code from the dmoonfire branch which provides plugable backends (SDL, FreeGlut), a different methods of organizing the code, and hopefully making it easier to integrate with different codebases. To simplify it, I'm simply going to call it BooGame 3.... read more

Posted by D. Moonfire 2008-12-13

BooGame 2.0 Branch moved to Trunk

The BooGame 2.0 branch in the SVN has been moved to trunk. This branch was a complete redesign, targetting .NET and Mono 2.0. There are still a lot of work that needs to be put into it, so if you want to help out, leave a message!

Posted by Rob Loach 2007-07-01

BooGame Released

BooGame comes with an update to Tao, Prebuild and Tile Studio, a timer starting position fix, polygon drawing, a new ColorF type for precision color values, and more.

Both source and binary releases of are available through SourceForge. For more information, visit:

Posted by Rob Loach 2006-08-14

BooGame Released

A huge set of updates and fixes come with BooGame These include an upgrade to Tao 1.3.0 RC1, primitive entities, a font drawing fix, a redesign to both Texture.Draw and Font.Print, and much more.

Both source and builds of are available through SourceForge.

Posted by Rob Loach 2006-07-20

BooGame Released

BooGame comes with many additions and bug fixes including a new TrueType font system, joystick support, a simple embedded graphical user interface, and much more. For more information on BooGame and the release, please see the changelog and BooGame's Official Website. You can download BooGame from the SourceForge Download Page.

Posted by Rob Loach 2006-06-30

Second Release

SourceForge says you should release often, so, here's version . This features a Tile Studio animation fix, some added mouse functionality and a completely new example program. As always, you can download it in the files section.

Posted by Rob Loach 2006-05-25


The first release of BooGame is now publically available. You can find it in the Files section on the SourceForge project page.

Posted by Rob Loach 2006-05-21

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