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Sound fixed for 64-bit systems

New version of StormLib2001 correctly unpacks wav files under 64-bit systems.

Posted by Alexandru Botezatu 2011-01-09

New release

This release adds gas processing buildings, gas harvesting, and fixes a lot of bugs. Lots of thanks to KroArtem for testing and submitting bug reports.

Posted by Alexandru Botezatu 2010-12-06

New release

This release fixes some crashes, features some code cleanup and adds zerg creep functionality and rudimentary statistics for UISubsystem.

Posted by Alexandru Botezatu 2010-11-22

New release

This release adds remainig Starcraft zerg units and fixes some annoying bugs

Posted by Alexandru Botezatu 2010-10-27

New release

After 4 months of development, new release of bonzayRTS + Starcraft clone example is available

Posted by Alexandru Botezatu 2010-08-24

Fix to random crashes at startup

Major bug introduced recently had been fixed. This version will probably go into a release tomorrow.

Posted by Alexandru Botezatu 2010-08-24

Video of network play available

Video of network play with constructible buildings is available at

Posted by Alexandru Botezatu 2010-08-23

Starcraft buildings

With the exception of minor bugs, buildings in Starcraft clone are constructable with latest code from Git.

Posted by Alexandru Botezatu 2010-08-20

Terran command center is building fine

Added functionality to create terran buildings. So far only Command Center has the animations set so all other buildings will crash. Support for all terran buildings should be finished by the end of the week.

Posted by Alexandru Botezatu 2010-08-18

Zerg buildings

Well, Zerg buildings are in. Enjoy the latest code from Git.

Posted by Alexandru Botezatu 2010-08-13

Hatchery morphing

I haven't had much time lately, but I finally got the Starcraft clone to morph hatchery from drone. The goal is to get all zerg buildings morphable by end of this week.

Posted by Alexandru Botezatu 2010-08-10

Fixed missing files in Git

Today I noticed there were missing files in git repository, due to which it was impossible to build the tests from Git. This has been fixed.

So, check out the git repository and head for the Starcraft/tests directory, and take testsingleplayer for a spin. For multiplayer, start the server with "testlanudp --server" command, check the file network.conf and change the variable "server_address" to the IP of the machine you run testlanudp on. Then you can run teststarcraft from one or more machines and have a go at multiplayer, as long as all of them have server_address set correctly.

Posted by Alexandru Botezatu 2010-08-07

Git repository progress

There's been work happening in the main trunk of the Starcraft clone, aimed at getting all 3 races produce all possible units, and getting the multiplayer engine and protocols robust enough for a LAN network play.

So this is an update of how things are progressing:
- All Protoss buildings are build-able
- Network play is tolerable now, so that there is little de-sync going on; it is quite bearable actually... read more

Posted by Alexandru Botezatu 2010-07-22

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