Questions from the curious clueless guy..

  • Nicolas Tremblay

    I was planning to use bonnie++

    So, as I was starting to read the man pages I
    really got stuck on the following section,
    My comments and questions are preceeded by "***"

    -n   the number of files for the file creation test. This is measured in multiples of 1024 files.
    This is because no-one will want to test less than
    1024 files, and we need the extra space on braille

    *** Why no one will want to test less than 1024 files ?

    *** Could you explain the braille display, how bwide is a braille display ???

    If the specified number is 0 then this test will
    be skipped.  The default for this test is to test
    with 0 byte files. To use files of other sizes
    you  can  specify number:max:min:num-directories
    where max is the maximum size and min is the
    minimum size (both default to 0 if not specified).
    If minimum and maximum sizes are specified then
    every file will have a random size from the
    range min..max inclusive. 

    *** I keep reading this paragraph over and over
    and over and I don't get it.  Maybe because I'm
    the type of guy that learns more by example... 
    (a polite way to say that i'm feeling dumb) Is there
    some real usage examples somewhere ?  I intended
    to experiment on my own, but bonnie++ keeps
    hagning and being caucht by init... (arg!)

    *** BTW I use mandrake 8.1 with 2.4.13-12 Kernel
    and the bonnie++-1.02-2mdk.i586.rpm dist.

    • Russell Coker

      Russell Coker - 2001-12-07

      Creating less than 1024 files should be very fast, even on file systems such as Ext2 which don't (currently) index directories.  It should be so fast that it can't be accurately measured.

      A braille display is 80 columns wide.  Making a wider display would require a wider desk as the characters are about 5mm wide (needed to be able to feel them correctly).  Also when reading a CRT you can quickly scan the line to see what's on it, someone who is reading braille has to move their fingers across the entire width of the display.  So I doubt that wider braille displays will ever become popular.

      Run "bonnie++ -s0 -n20" to test the creation of 20480 files in a directory.


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