What features should be added to Bonnie++?

  • Russell Coker

    Russell Coker - 2000-09-08

    In the short term I am thinking of adding the following features:

    A Perl script to run multiple copies of bonnie++ at the same time and merge the results (because I haven't had time to write a new multi-threaded bonnie++).

    Some sort of web-based database to store results and allow you to compare your system to others.

    Better support for "machine name", maybe some structured way of describing the machine (CPU speed, amount of RAM, etc).

    Does anyone have any other suggestions for features, or ideas on how to easily implement these things?  Also any contributions of code are welcome.

    Russell Coker

    • Anonymous

      Anonymous - 2001-08-25

      native WindowsNT support. I can help with this - if you like.

      hack bert

      • Russell Coker

        Russell Coker - 2001-08-25

        Great!  The basic code is already there in NT in the development versions 1.9* (I have already compiled a .EXE on NT and used it to benchmark NT systems).  It just needs a good Makefile.NT that works with NMAKE.EXE.

        Chances are I have broken it a bit in recent versions, but it should be easy to get it going with 30 minutes coding once the Makefile is written.

        Russell Coker


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