Appending sequential numbers to duplicate titles when ripping songs

  • somethingfly2

    somethingfly2 - 2016-11-13

    So, I've been encountering this a lot once I started using your wonderful tool for classical CDs.

    Take for example tracks 1 and 3 from "Bach - Brandenburg Concertos CD 1 - Vanguard Gold DSD 2004". Artist "Johannes Somary" (according to the CDDB--personally, I'd put the composer as the artist and the conductor/orchestra in a parenthetical after the title). Ttlte: "Nº 1 in F Major BWV 1046 - Allegro". That's for both, and that's because the titles don't have the movements in them (as track 1 is really "Nº 1 in F Major BWV 1046 - Movement 1 - Allegro" and track 3 is really ""Nº 1 in F Major BWV 1046 - Movement 3 - Allegro" but the CDDB doesn't have that).

    When I start to rip the CD, your program goes until song 3 and then says "oops, this file exists, skip or overwrite?" Then I have to choose skip, then I do that as many times as needed, and then (as I set the CD to pop out) I have to put the CD back in, and then I go through each that got skipped and manually add a "(2)", "(3)" etc. (per normal naming file-naming conventions) to each duplicate track, and then I run again. I could do many other things, such as put in "Movement" but that's a pain, and I can't really be sure that's the case for each. Further, I could put in the track number into the filename, but I don't like that convention personally. I prefer to keep everything "Artist - Title", even if it means I have to put numbers into my "Title" that don't really exist.

    I don't want anything super elegant here. I just want two things:

    1) Check for duplicates at the beginning of the encoding job.

    When I click the "Start the Encouding Process" button I want the program to check the potential filenames of all the jobs checkboxed to run. It is clearly possible to check for potential duplicates prior to actually starting the encoding and let me decide what to do before it goes on to rip. If you must, make it a setting I can checkbox. But I think everyone would prefer this, rather than being alerted only later in the job.

    2) If 1 is done, let me choose then what to do before starting AND allow me to add a sequential number to the title (optionally: an extra option for just the filename) so all jobs can be encoded.

    Skipping is nice, but what I really want is to append a sequential number to the title. While I'm tempted to have it just append the sequential number to the filename, I think right now I would want title (which would then affect filename as well). So, to satisfy me, all you would need is a button to add sequential numbers to titles. But if you want to satisfy more, you could offer two extra options: 1. add sequential number to both title and filename of duplicates, 2. add sequential number to just filename of duplicates.

    That's all /I/ want. And if you included that in a new version, I would gladly donate $10 to your site.

    I realize not everyone feels the same way about #2, I think it would satisfy most though. If you want to be elegant, /you could/ include tag modifications per the scripting functions that mp3tag already does very, very nicely when you click "Tag - Tag" button. For example, to do what I would do, describes it. I'd click "Tag - Tag" From the pop-up, and "Field:" I would select "TITLE" and from "Format String:" I would enter "%title% ($num($add(%counter%,1),1))". You could then point people to and their help forums for more information. But this sounds like a lot of work. You could also offer in your dialog for duplicate files an option to change the filename instead of the tag, similar to mp3tag's "tag - filename" which works similarly to "tag - tag", you just don't need to pick the "Field:". By that same token, though, you could add a line to create an "alternate filename pattern" for the duplicates, which would behave exactly the same as your "filename pattern" in the settings (and has probably close to the same functionality as mp3tag). However, I don't think these are probably worth the effort they would take, and I probably wouldn't use either, if 1 and 2 were satisfied.

  • Robert Kausch

    Robert Kausch - 2016-12-07

    Sorry for answering only now!

    1) is already implemented in fre:ac snapshot versions and will be in fre:ac 1.1.

    For 2) I think could add an option "Add sequential numbers to duplicates" to the filename pattern configuration. This would be the easiest to implement for me, so I could have it in the next snapshot version.

  • somethingfly2

    somethingfly2 - 2016-12-29

    Thanks for the response! Looking forward to the new release.

  • somethingfly2

    somethingfly2 - 2016-12-29

    Also, I'm not subscribed to this thread (apparently this is an issue with sourceforge forums, and the workaround is to manually subscribe), so please respond when the new issue comes out with these features, if you don't mind, thanks so much (donating now, so I don't forget).


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