fre:ac VS MediaMonkey

George Mc
  • George Mc

    George Mc - 2014-03-12

    I thought I'd send my feedback related to trying fre:ac vs the free version of MediaMonkey (suggested by a son).

    While the free version of MediaMonkey seemed to have more options then the fre:ac program, MediaMonkey has at least one FATAL flaw in my opinion !

    It hangs on certain audio CDs, goes to no response and couldn't even be canceled via Task Manger (OS is Windows 7 Professional). After some efforts (&%$#@*&^) I found that if I ejected the CD MediaMonkey wakes up. It's not like the cases where there is no DB entry, as I got a few of those. It happened on about 10% of my CD's. How most are low volume Celtic or religious CDs, but one was a Sony CD of Christmas Music by Dolly Pardon (I'm sure not a low volume issue). All the CDs play on our Home Bose, our car system, and the same computer used for the ripping via VLC Media Player. So my "old software tester knowledge" says "there is a monkey somewhere in the free version of MediaMonkey".

    All the CDs that hung MediaMonkey were read and ripped fine by fre:ac. So I've sent a few PayPal $$ to the author of Fre:ac.

    George McGinn
    near RTP in Durham

  • Robert Kausch

    Robert Kausch - 2014-03-12

    Thank you for your feedback and your donation!

    It's greatly appreciated!

    Best regards,


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