• Nobody/Anonymous


    Out of interest, how soon will V1.1 be released? :-)

    I think V1.09 is great, but having the ability to search/tag artwork & "code" the FLAC tags exactly as I'd like them without having to resort to an external tagging program would be excellent!

    Will this functionality likely be included in V1.1?


    • Nobody/Anonymous

      ..still wonderin' about the normalization feature..
      I know it's been announced for v1.1, but it would be nice to know if it's actually beeing worked on, or if it's just planed.

      • Robert Kausch

        Robert Kausch - 2009-01-16

        I did not start working on normalization, because the DSP framework it will be based on is not implemented yet.

        A normalization feature will definitely be included in v1.1. Plus even better, BonkEnc will fully support ReplayGain.

        It definitely won't be in the next snapshot though.

    • Robert Kausch

      Robert Kausch - 2008-10-10

      It will be quite some time until a final 1.1 release.

      However, there will snapshot releases and later some betas to preview new functionality in 1.1. The next snapshot should be out in a few weeks and will include a simple tag editor. Another snapshot will introduce extensive support for cover art.

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      Thanks for the info Robert. I used to use Audiograbber, but started to find it less and less reliable... but in terms of functionality, it had everything apart from artwork tagging.

      BonkEnc seems hugely reliable and I've not had a single problem with ripping cd's... I'll keep an eye on the website for the snapshots with the extra functionality :-)


    • Nobody/Anonymous

      When will normalization be introduced?

  • theTomaso

    theTomaso - 2010-11-14

    Any progress on the normalization feature?

  • Robert Kausch

    Robert Kausch - 2010-11-14

    Not yet. There will be another 1.1 snapshot before I will start working on the
    DSP framework.

  • JoneK

    JoneK - 2010-11-15

    I hope to see the next snapsot soon :) Good update from 16 to 17

  • JoneK

    JoneK - 2010-11-19

    Still anxiously waiting for the next snapshot :)

  • Robert Kausch

    Robert Kausch - 2010-11-20

    The next snapshot will be released on 5th December. But here's some info on
    what is coming:

    Besides having added new features, I have also worked on stability and memory
    usage issues. The new snapshot should feel much more stable and smooth than
    previous ones.

    On the feature side I have added support for loading cue sheets and splitting
    audio cd images + .cue to individual tracks. You will also be able to extract
    audio from video files with the new snapshot.

    Plus there will two super secret new features that I will announce only with
    the release. Those are my christmas presents for you. ;)

  • JoneK

    JoneK - 2010-11-30

    How do the evil mastermind always says it? Eeexelent :)

  • JoneK

    JoneK - 2010-12-20

    New features are ok, tough i don't need em :)

    Bug fixes that are done are great! tnx! I use 1.1 in production use.


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