#58 Overwrite all futher files

fre:ac 1.0.29

Win7/64bit, fre:ac v1.0.17a; if encoding starts and file exists a dialog "File already exists" pops up. If I mark the check box 'Overwrite all further files' and press No for the next file I'll get the dialog box again.


  • Robert Kausch

    Robert Kausch - 2011-01-10

    That's the desired behaviour. The overwrite all box only has an effect if you decide to overwrite the current file as well.

    I'll leave this item open, however, because I plan to redo that dialog in a future release. The new dialog will list all files that will be overwritten in a conversion and offer to overwrite all or skip all files or to cancel the conversion.

  • KuleRucket

    KuleRucket - 2013-02-20

    Would love to see a "skip all overwrites" feature. I have a flac library that I occasionally generate a parallel mp3 structure from for mobile devices. I only want to pick up new files as encoding the whole lot takes at least 24 hours.

  • Robert Kausch

    Robert Kausch - 2013-04-25

    The next snapshot will have a new overwrite confirmation dialog that displays all already existing files before the conversion job starts. It also allows to skip all existing files.

    The code is in CVS already, so I'm setting this ticket to pending. It will be closed after the snapshot is released.

  • Robert Kausch

    Robert Kausch - 2013-04-25
    • status: open --> pending
    Last edit: Robert Kausch 2013-04-25
  • Robert Kausch

    Robert Kausch - 2013-05-09
    • status: pending --> closed


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