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0.5.1 released

New stable version

Posted by Rouquier Philippe 2006-11-14

New stable release 0.5.0

0.5.0 was released today and is the new stable release.

Posted by Rouquier Philippe 2006-10-25


Last development version.
multiDND, enhanced CDs, Fix for multisession burning and forced dummy burning.

Posted by Rouquier Philippe 2006-10-08


Another development release.

Posted by Rouquier Philippe 2006-09-26

Brasero in GNOME CVS

As of today, brasero has been checked into GNOME CVS. That's where the development will carry on.

Posted by Rouquier Philippe 2006-09-16


Brasero-O.4.4 was released to fix the build with nautilus-cd-burner-2.15 and upward.

Posted by Rouquier Philippe 2006-09-07

Stable and development released

0.4.3 and 0.4.90 are available for download.

Posted by Rouquier Philippe 2006-09-06

Brasero (aka bonfire) 0.4.2 released

Bonfire has a new name due to trademark concerns. It's now called brasero. Apart from that name change:
- a couple of crashers fixed
- speed up the mp3 metadata fetching for audio discs
- fix a bug in on the fly data disc burning
- Italian translation updated.

Posted by Rouquier Philippe 2006-08-23


Important bug fixes.
Italian translation updated.

Posted by Rouquier Philippe 2006-07-14

Bonfire-0.4.0 (stable) released

This is the stable version.
Changes since 0.3.91:
- minor UI enhancements
- improved command line options (you can now indicate on the command line what files to be added to a project)
- ability to open nautilus-cd-burner contents
- improved integration with nautilus: bonfire projects can now opened from nautilus and have a mime type
- added GConf keys for people who need to use immed and minbuf with cdrecord... read more

Posted by Rouquier Philippe 2006-07-12

Bonfire-0.3.91 released

This is the final one (I swear) before 0.4.0, that should come out next week if no major bug is noticed.
Lots of big fixes/changes. Most if not all bug reported were fixed.
The major change concerns project size widget which was improved, audio disc now support drag'n'drop of playlists from nautilus and others.
New translations: German (Georg Funke), Catalan (Carles Escrig)
Updated translation: Italian (Milo Casagrande)

Posted by Rouquier Philippe 2006-07-01


This is a development release that should lead to 0.4.0. It is intended to test bonfire and see what bug (including those already reported) remain.

Posted by Rouquier Philippe 2006-06-13

IRC channel for bonfire

You need help, want to help, suggest, even maybe flame or simply chat.
Join #bonfire on

Posted by Rouquier Philippe 2006-06-03

Bonfire packages for fedora 5

Bonfire packages for fedora 5 are now available.

Posted by Rouquier Philippe 2006-05-19

New screenshots

Screenshots from 0.3.X version were added.

Posted by Rouquier Philippe 2006-05-19

bonfire is now in svn repository

Bonfire can now be checked out in sourceforge svn repository

Posted by Rouquier Philippe 2006-05-19


Bug fixes
New translations

Posted by Rouquier Philippe 2006-05-17


This is the first release of bonfire on SourceForge.

Posted by Rouquier Philippe 2006-05-11

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