Great app, bright future...

  • Ignacio Carrera

    Ignacio Carrera - 2006-06-18

    I burned a single disc with Bonfire.
    It's slick, and looks like having a bright future, even in its early stage.
    The problems I found so far:

    - UI Panels are not easily movable. When first started there were many of them stacked in one place. Moved one (just being curious) and could never position it back. I think the default layout is clearly overloaded. Overall, it's kind of confusing.
    - In the meantime, the window kept growing in size. Each change to the panels layout increased a little bit the whole window's size.
    - I burnt 4.3gb to a DVD. It said "xx / 330mb". Minor, but stressing (did it burn properly?). Already filed, I know, just adding my voice.
    - I'll also repeat here an issue filed elsewhere in which I need to be root in order to burn files coming from a FAT partition (didn't try NTFS, though). Pretty disturbing.
    - I really liked being able to burn on the fly!
    - I really liked it telling which files broke "Windows Compatibility" (Joliet naming, I guess...)
    - I wanted to know more about them breaking it:
       * Why did those files did that? Were their names too long, contained invalid characters?
       * What's exactly "Windows compatibility"? Joliet? Something else? A little explanation (perhaps collapsed, with a small arrow to its left) would be welcome. What consecuences does it have? (Now I know: the disc gets burned without Joliet naming, only DOS 8.3 names get in the disc).

    Do you want to target grandmas and grandpas or an advanced user? That goal should be stated from the beginning, I think. I can guess you wanted to present the simplest UI without sacrifying features, but I found there are places when the user is presented with far more UI elements than she really needs and others where there was not enough information ("do you want to disable Windows compatibility?" does refer to filenames? will Windows read it at all? why do those files break it?).


    • Rouquier Philippe

      These are interesting remarks, though some seem to apply to the "old" version (0.3.1) version of bonfire.
      For example the first one: in 0.3.90 I got rid of moveable panes and cleaned up the UI. You should try it and tell me what you think of it.

      Have you got more information on the second bug. What type of files you were burning, their sizes, .... I've never ran into this bug and can't reproduce it.

      Third bug: windows partitions. Can you send me a mail to with the line in fstab for you windows partition, and the result of "ls -l /path/to/file(s)". Again, I can't reproduce this one.

      Your last suggestions about the windows compatibility dialogs are completly true. Unfortunately I don't want to break strings just a week or two before 0.4.0 release, so I'll keep them in mind for 0.5.0.
      To answer your questions joliet standard imposes a file name length of 64 characters. If a name is over this limit it is truncated. So if two files have more than 64 chars and if their first 64 chars are the same, mkisofs won't be able to differentiate them and will error out.

      Again thanks a lot for your remarks and suggestions.

    • Ignacio Carrera

      Ignacio Carrera - 2006-06-20

      Nice to read your reply!
      Oops... I thought I installed 0.3.90, but you are right I was running 0.3.1! So, I will try the new version and shut up :).
      I was burning lots of MP3 (from a FAT32 partition) to a DVD when I saw those weird numbers (330mb when in fact it was nearly 4.3gb).
      About my fstab line, I will send it later (it's just too late now, and I just ruined my Ubuntu box trying to make it go the XGL way :) ).
      Any ideas about the permission bug?
      And the last one, glad to hear you say that! I mean, I can guess what's going on, but I try to see apps like a nontech guy would. Plus, I would really have liked to see the exact reason (I knew it was about naming, but your explanation went much further... indeed, they surely conflicted the way you described). Now, it would be nice to have the option the rename some. Only that I don't know if that can be provided while being exposed in a usable UI...

      Thanks again for this great app!


    • Rouquier Philippe

      Yes, I finally found out where the problem comes from for the FAT and NTFS partition. In ubuntu users can have multiple groups whereas bonfire only uses gid to know if file is group readable/writable. Now most of the time the user is added to special group to be able to read partitions like those. So don't worry about the fstab line anymore.

      Now, I'm really interested in the size reporting problem. Any information would be valuable.

      The rename option is indeed an idea to keep in mind.



      • Ignacio Carrera

        Ignacio Carrera - 2006-06-22

        Well, as I must have guessed, I tried it again (twice), and it showed the correct size. Damn. Damn.
        I'll try a little more and come back to you.

        BTW, what do you think of adding just one decimal digit to the burning speed estimation? I think that this being an integer doesn't provide enough information (maybe when you want to see the average at the end of the process, but while it's burning I would appreciate a little more info). And, on the other hand, there's not much difference between what's displayed now and my suggestion, usability-wise.

        I swear I'll just stop complaining about things and start trying to chase that damn bug (mmmm... and maybe checking out the cvs).



    • James

      James - 2006-07-11

      I am to new to linux to have the skills, could someone please compile this for suse linux 10 and even better for suse linux enterprise desktop 10
      way to many new packages in it to compile by a newbie.

    • Briquet

      Briquet - 2006-07-11

      You got the rpm file in the download page, that's all you need.

    • regguy

      regguy - 2006-07-12

      Yes indeed this is a great app! I have one problem though. It may be unique to my system (Emachine desktop PC & Ubuntu Dapper)but I could not find Bonfire 0.3.91 on the Applications menu. I did access it thru terminal but with new users coming into linux that's not going to be their 1st thoght.
      So please a link with icon perhaps on the App menu for Gnome.

    • regguy

      regguy - 2006-07-12

      Hey all penciluser here to admit a personal error.
      My own lack of awareness caused me not to see the Bonfire logo next to "Disc burning application" Bonfire is on the App menu I just didnt see it.
      I'm verrry sorrrry. I'm especially sorry about putting in a feature request for this in the feature
      requsets for Bonfire. Please forgive my actions caused by my own need for glasses.
      As I said before this a great app it reminds me of my favorite cd/dvd burning app in WXP Deepburner. Iused it for all my burning needs there bonfire looks lkie it'll my fav cd/dvd burner in Linux.


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