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BoneLib is an OpenSource C++ and PERL library abstracting the hardware operations of the BeagleBone. The functionality of each library is very similar but not garanteed to be identical. The primary purpose of this library is to make it easier to interact with the various peripherals. Performance, although a concern, may not be sufficient for real-time applications.

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Examples illustrate how to use the various APIs. You will also find some (contrived) usage examples at the bottom of every source file in the "TEST" section.

Example Description
led.cpp C++ program to control the LEDs using hotkeys
led.pl PERL program to run a pre-determined LED sequence
cgi-bin/led.pl Web-based API to control the LEDs

This library is work-in-progress, a by-product of getting acquainted with the BeagleBone functionality. Contributions are welcomed.

The current version works on the original BeagleBone White, running a pre-3.8 kernel. Work is in progress to port it to the BegaleBone Black and the newer kernel versions.

Installation Instructions

Download the library code

$ git clone git://git.code.sf.net/p/bonelib/code bonelib

Select the branch corresponding to your kernel and BeagleBone

$ git checkout white-Angstrom
$ git checkout black-dev

Create a link from /usr/bonelib to your installation

$ ln -s $pwd/bonelib /usr/bonelib

Compile the C++ library

$ cd bonelib
$ make

Install PERL

$ opkg install perl

If you want to be able to write CGI scripts to control your BeableBoard via a web browser, you will need to have a HTTP server that runs as root. The following details how to install and configure thttp for that purpose.

Install thttpd

$ opkg install thttpd

Edit the deamon management file to use a configuration file instead of command-line arguments: Replace all instances '-d /srv/www' with '-C /srv/config'.

$ vi /etc/init.d/thttpd

Create a configuration file for the HTTP server named "/srv/config" with the following content:


Start the HTTP server

$ /etc/init.d/thttpd start

Test your installation: create a link under "/srv/www" to "/usr/bonelib/examples/cgi-bin" and browse to "http://beaglebone.local/bbone/led.pl"

$ ln -s /usr/bonelib/examples/cgi-bin /srv/www/bbone


Wiki: C++ User Documentation
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