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Enabling I2C2 on the BeagleBone Black

Connecting the Wii nunchuck to the BeagleBone Black is a little more complicated that connecting it to the BeagleBone White.

The wiring is the same but the header pins P9.19 and P9.20 must be appropriately muxed using a Device Tree Overlay.... read more

Posted by Janick Bergeron 2014-05-28

Getting WiFi to (NOT) work on my BeagleBone

Getting WiFi to work on my BeagleBone was another project that seemed straightforward. But that too turned into an exercise in frustration.

At the time of writing, I STILL do not have WiFi working. So I'm documenting the various steps I'm taking as I go along.

(Need to beautify below)
1. Ordered USB WiFi adaptor from AdaFruit
2. Installed driver
3. ifconfig showed it was up
4. Modified connman config files as per AdaFruit tutorial: no connection
5. Disconnected Ethernet and used USB terminal: apparently can't use Ethernet and WiFi together
6. I hate connman: no documentation and no diagostics
7. Downloaded latest connman distribution from
8. 'configure' failed to find 'Xtables' library
9. Need to install iptables-dev (
10. ./configure works
11. 'make install' works
12. Looks like the default installation directories are different from the default connman in Ansgtrom -- I now have TWO connmand (one in /usr/sbin and one in /usr/local/sbin). I bet the configuration files are different too!
13. Rebooted. New connman is running but USB WiFi adapter is no longer up
14. AAaaarrrggghhh!
15. After several weeks away, I'm trying again. I'm connected to my Bone via the USB terminal.
16. 'lsusb' shows my adapter is working:... read more

Posted by Janick Bergeron 2012-12-29

Yet Another Post about Connecting a Wii Nunchuck to the BeagleBone

Connecting a Wii nunchuck to my BeagleBone should have been a straight forward task, but after a quick and easy hardware connection, it turned into an exercise in frustration when all code examples I could find kept failing with a "Remote I/O Error".

If you are using a BeagleBone Black or a kernel with Device Tree Overlays, additional steps are required to use the I2C2.... read more

Posted by Janick Bergeron 2012-12-27