#5 support for multicast (req for netatalk?


Greetings, I have not found much info on the status of multicast support or problems in using bonding with netatalkd.

Original Symptom:

The network browser in OS9 of the Mac platform cannot not
see the netatalk file server.

The atalkd is using the "bond0" ethenet device.

While debugging, I noticed that the code in "set_multicast_list" function in bonding.c (kernel 2.4.17) is commented out. Apparently the list never gets set in the slaves (eth0 and eth1).

I am not sure if multicast is the problem or if it is becasuse the dev config of AF_APPLETALK never gets passed to the slaves either.

My current work around is the following:

1. detach both slaves from bond0
2. start up atalkd on eth0, wait for its probe to finish.
3. kill atalkd
4. startup atalkd on eth1, wait for its probe to finish.
5. kill atalkd
6. save the /etc/atalkd.conf file which has address determined by the last probe.
7. start up atalkd on bond0 with both slaves still detached.
8. Wait for the probe phase to finish (forked atalkd)
9. Retattach both slaves to bond0.

The downside to this is that it takes 20 to 30 seconds for each probe, resulting in over a minute required to bring up netatalk.

I also noticed that if I attach both slaves before step 7 above, instead step 9, that the driver seems to go into an endless loop (feedback from multicast on both devices?)

Any info appreciated.




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