Jay Vosburgh - 2005-10-28

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Turn off CONFIG_DEBUG_SPINLOCK_SLEEP in your kernel
configuration. There's a known problem in bonding (that's
been there pretty much since the very beginning) with
potential sleeps with locks held. In the past, the warnings
were bogus, as no device drivers actually slept in the
protected section (ioctl, set MAC), but some recent USB
ethernet adapters can sleep in the affected areas. Other
instances of the warning are due to operations that used to
be safe, but no longer are.

This isn't a simple problem to fix (it requires, among other
things, an entirely new locking model for the bonding
driver); I've been working on a solution for this for a very
long time. A preliminary patch set was posted to
bonding-devel in early September, I expect to get back to
working on it in a couple of weeks.