She asked us to trust her and go straight ahead. Been quite a while since I had such good food. Left me thinking about a lot of things. Seeing more than a thousand adults trying to be quiet for fifteen minutes makes you think. SPAM in general has come to the point of being completely ridiculous. To think they are touring again this year, yay !
Exactly as planned, sigh.
To warm up, I made ximian-artwork rpms, where I actually use their
I added some error handling for these cases.
Hope she's happy with the very lowcost present she got, to compensate with the high-cost one from our anniversary that she didn't seem pleased with (the present, not the anniversary. c files now (I never thought we'd "agree" on one), we're doing more regular releases, a lot of work has gone into making the release process itself more streamlined, the website is easier to manage. Not even, say, Antitrust ?
But I'll be asking you in three years' time if playing mp3's and CD's is really the only thing you want to do in the multimedia arena. Well, what can I say about a movie in which blood performs the best acting job ?
For people that don't know the game, apparently it's a variant on a game called Mafia.
Traced it down to return values not being checked causing the program not to say anything about not wanting to do anything. Tweaked the packaging some more, sent out a mail to interested packagers about how we would like to see it packaged.
It's another bug that gets exposed sometimes because of a race.
Pretty scary moment, all in all :) We also played the Werewolf game again, which reminded me of how much I like playing games, and how good this particular game really is.