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active-backup with asymetric uplink

  • Mattias Hellström

    I run active-backup mode and it works splendid.
    However, is it possible to have a preferred channel?
    I have one gigabit fiber uplink and one 100mbit ethernet, and it would be nice if the gigabit would be used as much as possible (since the 100mbit is fully utilized)

    Is there any other mode that would accomplish my goals of reliability and speed with one 1000mbit and one 100mbit?

  • Mattias Hellström

    Found it.


            A string (eth0, eth2, etc) specifying which slave is the
            primary device.  The specified device will always be the
            active slave while it is available.  Only when the primary is
            off-line will alternate devices be used.  This is useful when
            one slave is preferred over another, e.g., when one slave has
            higher throughput than another.

            The primary option is only valid for active-backup mode.


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