LACP support

  • anonymous

    anonymous - 2006-11-05

    I have a network configuration I wish to try.
    One server with multiple NICs connected to a dump L-2 switch.
    Several client computers are connected to the switch as well.
    Also I read the standard (which I barely understand) and according to it, the LAG should work.
    I remember trying once a setup with a MacOS X server and it ended in a disaster, the server didn't forward any traffic.

    Will this work?
    Will the server forward traffic to the clients even if the switch doesn't support LACP?
    If it won't forward traffic then why?

    • anonymous

      anonymous - 2006-11-05

      I may have forgot to mention that the bonding I am using is in mode 802.3ad

    • Jay Vosburgh

      Jay Vosburgh - 2006-11-07

      You can't connect bonding in 802.3ad mode to a switch that doesn't also support (and is configured for) 802.3ad.  The LACP control traffic must pass both ways in order for bonding to set up the aggregation.

      The balance-alb or balance-tlb modes will both operate without special support from the switch.  The balance-alb can balance traffic better, but has slightly more stringent requirements for the slave device driver (it must be able to change the MAC address without taking the device down).


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