Kristen Smith - 2006-09-28

I am using RedHat AS4 (2.6). When I have the following in /etc/sysconfig/network:


the inet6 link-local address on bond0 becomes:

inet6 addr: fe80::200:ff:fe00:0/64 Scope:Link

on all my servers with these settings and does not match the inet6 address for eth0 and eth1 on the individual machines.

When I don't have those values in /etc/sysconfig/network, the bond0 inet6 link-local address is the same as for eth0 and eth1 - for example (it contains the correct MAC address):

inet6 addr: fe80::211:25ff:fe9d:9ade/64 Scope:Link

Is having the same link-local address on bond0 on multiple servers intended?

Thanks for your time,
Kristen Smith