Lets get some things straight :)

  • Thomas Hoppe

    Thomas Hoppe - 2001-08-24

    Hi, My name is Thomas and I'm very scared with Porttrunking / Fast Etherchannel / Link Aggregation / Porttrunking or however you'll call it. There are almost no recources, no Howtos, no experienced users regarding this topic :((

    The first thing is the terminology: all switch manufacturers except of Cisco talk about Porttrunking (Intel, DLink, Nortel, SMC ..). Does mean bonding this technology or is it something completely different?

    So if it ist the same, bonding should work with all Switches which support Ptrunking - right?

    I wounder whether Ptrunking seems to be no problem on Win32, normally Linux is much more developed than Winblow regarding Networking stuff.

    I read something about Ifenslave but couldn't it find ANYWHERE and why is in my Kernel 2.4.9 an option for Bonding but no Dicumentation at all?

    So I hope I'm righ here and will finally put somethings accrosss :>

    Background: I have to Set Up a 400GB Ftp Server and as I need hight bandwitdth, I want to use Ptrunking.Alternatively I think about a Round Robin solution.

    Thank you very much!!

    • Michael

      Michael - 2001-10-28

      Hi there, How is the channel bonding project going. I would like to assist if its not gone far otherwise I can do other things. I am currently sitting some exams so wont have the time until end of November (I need a break before hand) and then will be rearing to go. If u want to contact me, my personal add is asianorange@primus.com.au (yes i know. I'm going to change it soon) Well gotta go. Cheers


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