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Welcome to Bomb-Mania Reloaded

This project begun as school project and now is developed by small group of fanatics trying to create something cool and useful just to prove they are capable of doing it. We hope that someday in (not so distant) future this game will be playable, amusing and interesting for others.

History and Presence

We started with console-based version just to prove that even in text mode it is possible to develop action game. Now this codebase is just laying in repository source:/branches/console_gui, waiting to be merged back into development code. The core parts of the game is shared and modular from the beginning so it should be easy to merge it back. We are really looking forward to be able to play multi-player game between console and 3d versions.

Now we are focusing on some core cleanups (the code is five years old) and implementing proper input handling, settings and the basic necessary game logic for releasing of beta version.

After beta release, we are going to focus on multi-player and sound support.