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Welcome to the BOLT Compiler home page, thank you for spending the time to come here and please feel free to tell us how we can improve this site and make it more appealing to visit.

The BOLT Compiler is the compiler for a brand new language. This language is designed to teach begining programmers the process and theory behind programming. Anybody can punch some key down on a keyboard, after all a programming language is simply just another language, similar to spanish, or french. The differance between a linguist and a programmer is the thought, and theory behind the code. That is the idea that BOLT was created around, built with syntax flexibility so that the user has a simpler time writing the code and more tim to think about what that code should do. For example in C++, the syntax is very strict and fairly difficult, you might spen 15 minutes trying to find out where that stray '*' is, or getting hundreds of errors simply because you forgot an ';'.

BOLT is meant to be simple, stright foreward, yet retaining power and speed. Although this might sound great, this is not the more practical reason to start programming with BOLT, BOLT comes with exellent code converters that will convert your code into ALL of the major programming languages. This meant that when you want to learn, say C++, you will be able to convert your old programs into that language, this allows you to make any nessasary improvement or it will just help you learn that language better.

The converters come with some very cool features. One of which is code commenting, this will comment out the converted code, on every line, this allows you to see exactly what the converted code is doing. The converters have specific in-code command that allow you to tell the converters exacly how you would like them to convert your code.

BOLT is made up of many smaller programs that need to all function properly. These programs include:
[BOLT Compiler]: This is the program that actualy compiles the BOLT code.
[BOLT Preprocessor]: This program formats the BOLT code, then sends that code to the compiler.
[BOLT Linker]: This program puts the final touches on the programs memory locations.
[BOLT Editor]: the BOLT Editor, this is the GUI used to write BOLT programs.

And all of the converters
[C++ Converter]: Converts the BOLT code into C++
[C# Converter]: Converts the BOLT code into C#
[Pascal Converter]: Converts the BOLT code into Pascal
[Assembly Converter]: Converts the BOLT code into Assembly
[Java Converter]: Converts the BOLT code into Java
[Ruby Converter]: Converts the BOLT code into Ruby
[Batch Converter]: Converts the BOLT code into Batch scripts
[Python Converter]: Converts the BOLT code into Python


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