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Bol Processor 2.9.6 released

Bol Processor 2.9.6 Released
June 26, 2007

A new version of Bernard Bel's Bol Processor BP2 has been
released. Version 2.9.6 is significant as it is the first
stable release of BP2 for MacOS X. BP 2.9.6 also runs on
MacOS 7-9.

Downloads are available from:


What's new in 2.9.6

* Runs on MacOS X!

* Uses CoreMIDI for real-time MIDI input and output.... read more

Posted by Anthony Kozar 2007-06-27

Bol Processor beta for OS X is available

Hello to everyone interested in Bol Processor,

Today - March 27, 2007 - is the first anniversary of the Bol Processor open source project. So, as a present to all of you, Bernard and I are very happy to make available the first public beta of BP2 running on MacOS X!

Bol Processor 2.9.6 beta for OS X

Available from the Downloads section of

This release is intended to help us find problems that remain from the process of porting BP2 to OS X. As such, we are targeting this release toward users who have previously used BP2 on MacOS 9 and who will be able to give feedback about bugs and usability issues. Of course, everyone is welcome to try it out! Just please keep in mind that we are not finished with it yet. So, if there is anything that does not work for you or that you don't like, please let us know.... read more

Posted by Anthony Kozar 2007-03-27

Bol Processor 2.9.5 released

On January 4, 2007, we released Bol Processor version 2.9.5 for MacOS 7-9. (It will also run in the Classic environment on OS X if real-time MIDI is off).

This is the follow-up to the previous beta release and we are assuming that this release is stable enough to replace the previous stable version of BP2 2.9.3. You can get more information from the project home page at read more

Posted by Anthony Kozar 2007-01-08

Work on OS X version of BP2 begun

On January 2, 2007, we started the Carbon porting process for Bol Processor 2. Once finished, BP2 will run on MacOS X and possibly will still run on MacOS 8/9 too. We are very focused on getting this done and have estimated that the first OS X beta will be functional in about three months! To monitor our progress, check out the developer list archives. To be notified when an OS X beta is released, join the announcement mailing list.... read more

Posted by Anthony Kozar 2007-01-08

2.9.5 beta files available

Two files are now available in the release section of the site. There is a MacOS disk image with the BP 2.9.5 beta application and another disk image with copies of all of the source files to build it.

This release is a snapshot of the current state of the project and interested developers are encouraged to download the files and start looking them over. Users will probably want to stick with version 2.9.3 for now.... read more

Posted by Anthony Kozar 2006-04-29