#3 A pop3 wrapper for kmail


A program I wrote so I could use bogofilter with kmail
useing the precommand.

It will probly work with other programs that can
exicute a command before connecting to the pop3 sever.

It comples under linux but other unix and unix like
systems have not been tested.


  • Russ

    Russ - 2002-10-13

    a bogofilter pop3 wrapper for kmail

  • Matthias Andree

    Matthias Andree - 2002-12-07

    Logged In: YES

    The code doesn't quite work for me, but it's not looking bad.

    Some minor changes are needed to bring it up to date.

    1. ISO C++ wants the C standard library headers as #include
    <cstring>, #include <cstdio>. No C++ standard library header
    has the .h, so use #include <fstream>. Add "using namespace
    std;" before the first function to quelch "undefined function"
    errors. Wrap any headers for which there is no C++ standard
    header wrapper into extern "C", like this (these have their .h,
    they are not C/C++ standard headers, but UNIX headers):

    extern "C" {
    #include <unistd.h>
    #include <netdb.h>
    // more here

    2. bzero/bcopy/bmove are obsolete, non-portable and must
    not be used in new code. Please use memset for bzero and
    the other mem* functions instead.

    3. When you must use fixed size buffers, ALWAYS use sizeof.
    Avoid bzero/memset before read.

    4. When read is called, check its return value, it will tell you
    how many characters have been read, which you can then
    subsequently push into write().

    5. Always be aware of if you're treating C strings or
    sequences of characters. Consider using C++ string s;
    getline(cin, s) when appropriate, this is \0 transparent.

    6. Personally, I'd prefer if the proxy returned -ERR and killed
    the connection rather than
    faking a mail.

    7. How do I get this to work with SSL? I believe using stunnel
    as Yet Another Proxy for bogowrapper is fine, just add some
    lines of documentation.

    Are you interested in reworking the code and making a v0.3?
    I'd appreciate that.

  • Matthias Andree

    Matthias Andree - 2002-12-07
    • priority: 5 --> 4
    • status: open --> pending-later
  • Matthias Andree

    Matthias Andree - 2002-12-07
    • milestone: --> Unstable_(example)
    • status: pending-later --> open-later
  • Matthias Andree

    Matthias Andree - 2002-12-07

    Logged In: YES

    I have started some of the work, but it's incomplete because
    I'm running out of time for today, if you want to pick up where I
    left off, my bogowrapper.patch is below, apply to the
    bogowrapper.tar.bz2 that you attached.
    The most important thing is getting rid of strlen() in write and all
    those 500 or 100, and taking the return value from read, and
    handling read or write replies < 0 which mean errors.

  • Matthias Andree

    Matthias Andree - 2002-12-07

    partial rework of bogowrapper

  • Matthias Andree

    Matthias Andree - 2002-12-07

    Logged In: YES

    Oh, one more thing, the proxy must catch a starttls offer by the
    server (in the CAPA reply probably) and also catch the STLS
    command and return -ERR, otherwise, it fails if a TLS-aware
    POP3 client tries to retrieve mail.

  • Matthias Andree

    Matthias Andree - 2002-12-08
    • status: open-later --> closed-later

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