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bogofilter -- Fast Bayesian Spam Filter / News: Recent posts related services currently down

Downtime notice

I am sorry to report that the mailing lists and web site hosted at addresses ending in are currently down.

We are working to restore these services.

In urgent matters, feel free to contact me through - but keep in mind that bogofilter is a volunteer-driven project, so support resources are limited.

In the meanwhile, the website and downloads remains online on sourceforge as and 1.2.4 continues to be the current release. It features these changes since 1.2.0 (the previously announced version):... read more

Posted by Matthias Andree 2013-11-10

Bogofilter-1.2.0 - New Stable Release

Bogofilter 1.2.0 has been promoted from "current" to "stable" status.

Posted by David Relson 2009-03-28

Bogofilter-1.2.0 - New Current Release

Bogofilter v1.2.0 adds 3 new options to force bogofilter to use a specified number of tokens when scoring a message. The options are:


When one or more of these options is specified, bogofilter tries to use the specified number of tokens when computing a message's score. Under certain circumstances when multiple tokens have identical scores, bogofilter will compute a score using more tokens than specified.

Posted by David Relson 2009-02-22

bogofilter-1.1.7 - New Stable Release

Fixes to argument processing for bogofilter, bogoutil, and bogolexer.
Minor updates to bf_compact, self tests, and

Posted by David Relson 2008-05-18

bogofilter-1.1.7 - New Current Release

bogofilter v1.1.7 has been released. It has parsing fixes for bogoutil and bogotune config files and an updated bogofilter-milter.

Posted by David Relson 2008-05-04

bogofilter-1.1.6 - new current release

Adds support for TokyoCabinet database.

Posted by David Relson 2007-11-27

bogofilter-1.1.3 - New Stable Release

Fixes several minor parsing problems.

Posted by David Relson 2006-12-20

bogofilter-1.1.2 - New Release

bogofilter-1.1.2 has a FAQ update and fixes for 2 parsing problems that can cause seg-faults.

Posted by David Relson 2006-12-02

bogofilter 1.1.1 - New Stable Release

bogofilter 1.1.1 has new features for setting min and max token length and scoring based on multi-word tokens. See the RELEASE NOTES for more info.

Posted by David Relson 2006-09-01

bogofilter 1.0.3 - stable release

In the two weeks since bogofilter 1.0.3 was released as "current" package, no serious problems were found. Bogofilter 1.0.3 has therefore been declared stable, and the files been moved to the "bogofilter-stable" package.

A known issue with 1.0.3: the file "RELEASES" that shipped with this release is in fact outdated and shows 1.0.2 as the recommended version. Please disregard this inconsistency.

Posted by Matthias Andree 2006-07-26

Forums disabled


I have disabled the bogofilter forums on the site. They have not been used much, and much more timely answers have been provided by the mailing lists.

See for details on the available mailing lists.

Posted by Matthias Andree 2006-07-11

bogofilter-1.0.3 - New Release

bogofilter 1.0.3 brings assorted bogotune fixes,
improvements to the static RPM building process (as used by the maintainers) and a GNU make compatibility fix.

If bogofilter 1.0.2 works well for you and/or you aren't using bogotune, you can stick with 1.0.2.

Posted by Matthias Andree 2006-07-10

bogofilter-1.0.2 - Stable Release

Bogofilter-1.0.2 has been promoted from current to stable status.

Posted by David Relson 2006-03-12

bogofilter-1.0.2 - New Release

fixes has some minor configuration script scripts, some minor option errors, suppresses multiple messages when the database nears its maximum size, has updated emacs VM support and an emacs VM entry in the FAQ

Posted by David Relson 2006-03-04

bogofilter-1.0.1 - Stable Release

Minor bug fixes, most notably for SQLite support code. Binary rpms renamed to reflect supported database (DB4.2.52 and SQLite3.2.8) and link state (shared library vs. statically linked)

Posted by David Relson 2006-01-01

bogofilter-1.0.0 - Stable Release

bogofilter v1.0.0 has been released!

Posted by David Relson 2005-12-01

bogofilter-0.96.6 - New Stable Release

Prime candidate for the 1.0.0 release :->

Test now!

Posted by David Relson 2005-11-20

bogofilter-0.96.5 - New Current Release

Fix configuration problems, specifically a problem with comments in config file lines and a problem when an invalid charset is specified.

Posted by David Relson 2005-11-08

bogofilter-0.96.4 - new current release

Minor cleanups to code and of contrib directory.

Posted by David Relson 2005-11-01

bogofilter-0.96.3 - new current release

Ends parsing of mime binary attachments, i.e. applications, audio, image, and video files. Fixes a rarely occurring problem when converting to unicode.

Posted by David Relson 2005-10-26

bogofilter-0.96.2 - New Stable Release

release 0.96.2 has been promoted from Current to Stable status.

Posted by David Relson 2005-10-06

bogofilter-0.95.0 - New Current Release

Provides unicode support. See RELEASE.NOTES-0.95.0 for details.

Posted by David Relson 2005-06-21

bogofilter-0.94.14 - New Stable Release

Fixed a database recovery problem when Berkeley DB is used in transaction mode.

Posted by David Relson 2005-06-21

bogofilter-0.94.14 - new current release

This release fixes database recovery when the Berkeley DB environement is in PANIC mode. It's relevant to transaction mode users.

Posted by David Relson 2005-06-09

bogofilter-0.94.13 - bugfix release

Fixes some minor problems with unicode and cyrillic support. Includes significant speed improvements for SQLite3 database.

Posted by David Relson 2005-05-28