#27 MySQL support

B. Wright

Is there any initiative to support MySQL in the future?
Bogofilter would be a lot more flexible were it to
support a database like MySQL or other networkable
relational database. This would also allow for better
database management as well as better tools were the
database to get corrupted. In addition, it would offer
better access controls. I know this is a pretty big
feature request, but I think it would make Bogofilter a
lot more flexible of a product.

This isn't to say that BerkeleyDB is a bad database
product. It isn't. But, it also doesn't have many of
the features that a database like MySQL has. Plus, you
can't move BerkeleyDB files around. You always have to
export and then import to recreate BDB files. With
MySQL, you can replicate the data or simply copy the
files (if using ISAM or InnoDB tables).

Of course, MySQL does support BDB tables within it. Of
course, you still have to know/use SQL statements to
get to the data.



  • Matthias Andree

    Matthias Andree - 2004-11-30
    • priority: 5 --> 1
  • Matthias Andree

    Matthias Andree - 2004-11-30

    Logged In: YES

    I wonder how much of a performance hit we'd get through IPC
    alone, let alone SQL parsing.

  • David Relson

    David Relson - 2004-11-30

    Logged In: YES

    Nope. No plans at our end. Bogofilter's design has a
    database independent level, in files datastore.h and
    datastore.c, which is currently used to support 3 databases
    - Berkeley DB, qdbm, and tdb.
    If you want to write a datastore_mysql module, go for it!



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