#81 Feature req: Add option to specify wordlist.db file

Jari Aalto

I'm experimenting with several wordlists and having
great success in detecting different type of mail.

However, I would like to have all wordlists in one
place, like under ~/.bogofilter/ but I do not find
any option that would name the used wordlist.

I end up using different directories for
each wordlist.db with option bogofilter_dir

New option would make it possible to have
several wordlists in same directory. Like this:

bogofilter_dir = ~/.bogofilter
bogofilter_wordlist_file = wordlist.db

Hope I'm not missing something like this
already possible?


  • David Relson

    David Relson - 2004-08-15

    Logged In: YES

    Hi Jari,

    The config file has a "wordlist" option. Look in
    /usr/share/doc/bogofilter.../bogofilter.cf.example for the
    precise syntax. All the config file options are also
    available to the command line (through use of "--option"
    syntax). Also, they should all be listed by "bogofilter
    --help". Unfortunately "--wordlist" was missing from
    "--help" -- which I've just corrected in CVS.

    Let me know if you spot other flaws.


    P.S. It's easier for me if you subscribe to the bogofilter
    mailing list and post your requests there.

  • David Relson

    David Relson - 2004-08-15
    • status: open --> closed

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