Adam, Alexis
I wonder if you have considered ServiceMix for TReCX?  It would sit nicely in Bods and also as a lightweight component out in the field.  It would help do a lot of the plumbing for you (WS-Notification, BPEL, SAAJ, for example).
It's a JBI container which is essentially a protocol adapter and is stuffed with lots of message transformation capabilities.
I think it might fit in well with the SOCKET project, too: SOCKET, PLUG and ADAPTER, in fact.  From a SOCKET point of view I can see it being useful initially for handling the recalcitrant document literal messages using SAAJ.
Now, there's just one little thing - they bill themselves as an ESB, but remember that's just a way of doing things.  It's a JBI container.  JBI is going to get huge in the WS space and it might serve as a good point of contact between many of the ELF projects.
Just a thought.
By  the way, do you know where we are supposed to submit our project details for the JISC and CETIS sites?