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Bochs x86 Emulator hits #1 most active, again

The Bochs x86 Emulator project has gone from very inactive only a few months ago to very active recently. Bochs is a portable 386/486/Pentium/PPro emulator that allows you to run most x86 operating systems in emulation. Some people use it to run other OSes without repartitioning or rebooting, for example running Windows applications from FreeBSD, or to run x86 operating systems on non-x86 hardware. Bochs is also popular among OS developers since they can step through emulated kernel code in the Bochs debugger without leaving their development environment, and has been used as an educational tool in university classes on OS design.

If you want to try out Bochs yourself, our newly released version 1.2.1 has binaries for Windows, Redhat RPMs and Debian DEBs. Of course, if you compile it yourself you'll be able to hack more easily... Come on over to to learn more.

The Bochs Project has an abundance of cool ideas and feature requests, but needs more hardcore C/C++ developers who enjoy tinkering with hardware and simulated hardware. Some of the tasks for the somewhat near future includes addition of a GUI for configuration and control, porting platform-specific networking code (tx/rx raw packets) to Linux and Windows, working on international keyboard mapping, and performance improvements. If any of this interests you, don't be shy! Join the bochs-developers mailing list and let us know what you might want to work on.

Posted by Bryce Denney 2001-06-15

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