Can I now run windows XP 64 bits edition

  • kootjekip

    kootjekip - 2005-05-31

    Is it possible with bochs 2.2 to run windows XP 64 bit?

    • Stanislav Shwartsman

      I uploaded ACPI tables and generator application to the bug report
      [ 1180890 ] IOAPIC in BOCHS

      But even with this acpi.bin I can't continue WinXP64 installation it freezes on the step "Starting booting windows" doing pause loop.
      This is already very good improvement ;)

      I guess there is a chance that already installed WinXP64 image will boot but I could not guarantee nothing.


    • Weed

      Weed - 2005-06-02

      no i still get the "missing local apic" error :(

    • Stanislav Shwartsman

      You need a BIOS with ACPI MP table inside. Even for sinle processors (say thanks to the microsoft). I seen message in Bochs developers list that somebody made such BIOS, look for the mailing list archives.


    • Weed

      Weed - 2005-06-08

      this guy (chengyuqing
      ) havent posted his patch what he is talkin about
      i have no plan how to do it, anyone?
      hm, maybe its possible to hack the local apic check in win x64 cd...

    • Arjan Tijms

      Arjan Tijms - 2005-06-22

      Couldn't you let bochs cache all writes to the underlying filesystem into memory and only write this to the flash memory device when exitting the emulator?

      Aditionally, you might want to make this delayed write optional on user request. That wise I can choose to discard any changes to the filesystem (usually this is what you want if you only ran some apps and didn't edit any data).

    • Christian Neubert

      you have to get the acpi.bin file make it 512 in size and put it as an optional romimage at the address 0xe0000. Then win-xp 64 should work!

    • Artyom

      Artyom - 2006-01-01

      So, where can i get acpi.bin? Empty file gives no result.


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